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Synod Assembly Meets November 1 in Pasadena

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2014 Assembly NEWS

The Synod Assembly will hold its second 2014 meeting onNovember 1 2014 at the Monte Vista Grove Homes in Pasadena. Starting time is expected to be 9:00 a.m. Commissioner documents will be available on or about October 23.

A four-day event: November 6-7 and January 22 and 29

One of the Mission Funding Opportunities approved earlier this year by the Synod Assembly is the Ministry Lab Network, and they  have announced their first event: Immersion Experience, described as "4 days of unique and focused learning experiences designed to build up new and emerging pastoral leaders, renew and revitalize seasoned leaders, and develop and empower lay leaders." The updated flyer, available at the link below, now includes the faculty roster for the January session. 

Details and registration information,  are on the flyer, below (Updated October 14).

PDF Immersion Experience from Ministry Lab Network, updated October 14.

"Giving Tuesday" is December 2ND

The current Mid Councils Newsletter shares information about a resource (PDF link below)  that will be widely disseminated across the denomination. This flyer is an encouragement to Presbyterians to participate in “Giving Tuesday.”  Details, and other mid council news can be read in the current newsletter.


Every World Communion Sunday (the first Sunday in October) is an opportunity for taking the Peacemaking Offering, a quarter of which goes to the Synod committee responsible for peacemaking awareness and events, a quarter to the local presbytery (if still organized for such gospel-based witness), and a half of the offering to G.A. In its 34th year the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program is surely among the finest ventures of Christian discipleship our church has been involved with.

PDF Application guidelines for Synod Peacemaking funds are available at this link.

REPL Scholarship Applications for fall 2014

The 2014 REPL Scholarship's 2014 Fall Application period is now open.
You may submit an application for the 2014-2015 academic year now through November 1, 2014.   Download the 2014 Fall Application Form and REPL Guidelines regarding the requirements for eligibility,  at this link.

upcoming events and opportunities . . .

•   Triennial Assembly of the Hispanos Latinos (October 24)
•   ISAAC Symposium (November 2-3).
•   The Asian Advent Devotional Calendar may be ordered throughout the month of October with copies shipped in early November.
                  Events & Opportunities Link

Zephyr Point Conference Center's promotion/incentive program.

For visits there during upcoming fall/winter months, special pricing and incentives will be offered to groups from within the Synod's presbyteries. Full details are at this link.

Future Commission of Assembly Meeting DateS, 2014

Saturday December 13 (by phone)

Around the Synod

Please note:
• Presbytery Mission News
Moonguyen: A Two-Way Tale of Adoption  by Curtis Webster (Teaching Elder, Los Ranchos Presbytery

Doska's Corner


September 22, 2014

In May I said to you, “Actions taken by this [General] Assembly could have a lasting effect on the future of the denomination for years to come in a wide variety of ways.” We have certainly seen this prediction come true, in at least these ways:
       The GA celebrated the creation of more than 250 1001 New Worshipping Communities in the last two years. At least 12 of those are within our synod’s bounds and they are changing people’s lives. There is much to rejoice!
       The votes to divest PCUSA investments in three U.S. companies doing business in Israel and to allow Presbyterian ministers to conduct same-sex marriages in states where those marriages are legal have created controversy and division in some congregations. Some of them are choosing to leave the denomination, which is a loss to all of us.
       The action to move from 16 synods to “10 – 12” will be affecting us in the next two years as decisions are made about how that will occur.
        The approval of the dissolution of Hanmi Presbytery is affecting this synod in particular as we put much time and attention into transferring the pastors and congregations into geographic presbyteries so that relationships and ministries are enhanced. Our presbyteries are creating criteria for accepting the congregations in their bounds and those churches and pastors are wondering if they will truly be welcomed. What an opportunity!


Synod staff

Phone: 213.483-3840
FAX: 213.483-4275

Synod Executive & Stated Clerk
DOSKA ROSS    ext. 109    •  (Email)

Office Manager & Meeting Coordinator
FRIED WILSON     ext. 110   • ( Email )

Finance Manager
DAVID SUAREZ   ext. 107 • ( Email )


synod officers

Moderator—Elder Jo Smith

Stated Clerk: Elder Doska Ross

Vice-Mod.—Rev. Kristin Leucht

Treas.—Elder I. Daniel Lee

Moderator of CoA— Elder Jim Stueck

Scholarship and Funding Opportunities


      REPL Coordinator:
      Rev. Leon E. Fanniel
      Phone 213.483-384, ext. 104          Email       Website

The Mission of REPL is to encourage racial ethnic persons to consider church vocations, with particular emphasis on pastoral ministry in racial ethnic congregations.To assist those who are studying for such vocations, a limited amount of scholarship money is available and is awarded each spring. Applications are now being accepted; the Fall, 2014 deadline is November 1.

1.PDF All applicants need the 2014 Information Page.
2. The application form is in two parts: Applicant Information (parts I-III) and the Recommendation Form which the applicant will forward to the Session or Presbytery to complete. Both are available either as an Online Fill-in (MS Word) or   an Offline (PDF) version.

PDF Parts I-III Applicant (Online)
PDF Part IV Recommendation (Online)

PDF Parts I-III Applicant (Offline)
PDF Part IV Recommendation (Offfline)
The FALL DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 1, 2014, extended from Oct. 15.


grants & funding


Please download the Grant and Funding Information brochure to learn about funds available to congregations and presbyteries through the Synod.   Funds are also available through the Mission Grants program at PC (U.S.A.) Their 2014 deadlines are included in the information brochure or as a stand-alone deadlines page. There is also a Ministry Projects document that lists ministry programs and projects that will be funded from various Synod sources. These were approved at the March 2014 Synod Assembly and include: Lay Ministry Training Institute, Program for Equipping Lay Leadership, Bridges, Youth Ministry Coaching Program, and Ministry Lab Network. In addition to the Ministry Projects document, Doska's Corner (April) provides more information.


To any new groups referred by a Zephyr Point Board Member, there is a special Price Package promotion/incentive to come to Zephyr Point in the months of December & January 2014 and February, March, and April, 2015. The package includes a 25% discount on all lodging, complimentary round trip transportation to and from the Reno/Tahoe Airport and discounts to local ski area; snow mobile tours, spring mountain biking as well as many more local activities and attractions.

Bob Smith, St. Mark Presbyterian Church (Los Ranchos Presbytery, is a Zephyr Point Board Member and would be happy to be considered as a referring person to any Synod group who would like to take advantage of this opportunity. Others who can assist with a referral include Bill Hughes (Santa Barbara); John Moser or Neal Nybo (San Diego); Laura-Jean Slykhuis or N'Yisrela Watts-Afriyie (San Gabriel) and  Synod Executive Doska Ross.


Register Now for these Opportunities

Asian language advent devotional calendar

The Asian Congregational Support Office, part of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, will provide a 2014 Advent Devotional Calendar in Asian Languages, Copies will be sent out in the first week of Novembe/ each copy is $1.50, English or Asian translation copy (shipping included).  Please make the check payable to PCUSA and send, before October 31 to:
Asian Congregational Support Office
100 Witherspoon Street Room 3006
Louisville, KY 40202

Devotions will also be avaiable from website each day, with translation options.

Daily Verse
The website now has Daily Verse.   You may subscribe by contacting Mei-hui Lai in the Asican Congregational Support Office.



Triennial Assembly of Hispanos Latinos Presbyterian Men

October 24-26, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Theme: “Re-created for…” ( II Corinthian 17:5 and 19-20)
PDF Information flyer and registration


ISAAC 6th ANNUAL Symposium
November 3-4, 2014

Click on the image for details.


Around the Synod

presbytery mission activity

2015 Mission Conference
Conference Website

The presbytery's 2014 Mission Summit blog and other social media, are serving as communication tools for information-sharing and community building in between our annual mission-gathering events.    Read the blog

Moonguyen: A Two-Way Tale of Adoption

WebsterThe Rev. Curtis Webster, a member of Los Ranchos Presbytery, has released the novel he and daughter Trang have written, based on the family's experiences during Trang's first year with them. The book is available through Amazon in both paper and Kindle editions. There is a Presbyterian News Agency article here.


Synod Information

committees of the synod

Active during this time of discernment and experimentation:
• Synod Permanent Judicial Committion (PJC)

• Committee on Representation and Nominations (CR&N);

• Racial Ethnic Pastoral Leadership Committee (REPL);

• Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee (JPIC)

ALSO Related to the Synod through the Commission of Assembly

• Presbyterian Men
Presbyterian Women
• Related Mission Partners


Monte Vista Grove Homes, Inc.

Presbyterian Camp and Conference Centers, Inc.

Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Commission, Inc.

Sister synod relationship

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