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Online Security Alert

April 15, 2014. There's an e-mail issue circulating in Southern California, as happens occasionally, so this is a warning in advance of potential trouble. Please do not open any e-mail from Synod staff that does not come from the @synod.org address without checking with the listed sender first. The link in the e-mail, supposedly containing documents you need,  directs back to a source in Europe, and you won't want to introduce your own computer to that source. Simply delete the e-mail for safety's sake.Such e-mails would not have come from the computer of someone in the Synod family, but legitimate addresses are obtained from an infected computer whose address book lists persons that  most of us know. Also, please keep your own virus software up to date!

REPL Scholarship Applications

The REPL Scholarship season is underway! Racial ethnic Presbyterians who are members of  PC (U.S.A.)  congregations within the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii and under care of either a churhc Session or enrolled with a Presbytery as inquirer or candidate, and willing to serve serve in racial ethnic or multi-cultural ministries within the PC(U.S.A.) are invited to apply, if there is financial need for scholarship assistance. Full qualifications, application information and forms are available HERE.

Los Ranchos Presbytery's strategy for mission communication includes social media

The presbytery's 2014 Mission Summit blog and other social media, are serving as communication tools for information-sharing and community building in between our annual mission-gathering events.    Read the blog

Learn more about Santa Barbara Presbytery's recent mission conference!

Visit here: Conference Website

Please read the PDF peacemaking letter from PC (U.S.A.)'s Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons, sent to Synod members on March 6, 2014.

Asked after Synod Assembly:

Slide graphics were from Presbyterian artist Don Silva (scroll down the blog until the images appear);
Lunch catering was from A Classy Party 2 Remember.

Future Commission of Assembly Meeting DateS, 2014

Saturday May 31 • Saturday September 13 • Saturday December 13 (by phone)

Future 2014 Assembly Meeting Date

• November 1 2014; place to be determined; Location to be determined

upcoming events and opportunities . . .

Upcoming local event: Presbyterian Men's Spring Gathering (May)    LINK
Upcoming churchwide conferences and courses include Seminary Online Courses from University of Dubuque Theological Seminary (June 2 ) and the Triennial Assembly of the Hispanos Latinos Presbyterian Men (October 24); General Assembly begins June 14 in Detroit.  LINK

Doska's Corner

Synod Assembly (March 2014) Report

The Synod Assembly at its meeting on March 29, 2014  took some very significant actions.

During the morning commissioners had the opportunity to learn about various trainings and projects that are currently being offered across the synod. The Assembly then approved Synod funding for these five.  Please contact the Synod office for more information or if you’d like to apply. 

You may download a file with information about each program HERE.  . . .

(The report continues with more information about these ministry program/project opportunities and describes actions regarding the discussions and decisions regarding the future of Hanmi Presbytery.)

...Continued . . .

Synod staff

Phone: 213.483-3840
FAX: 213.483-4275

Synod Executive & Stated Clerk
DOSKA ROSS    ext. 109    •  (Email)

Office Manager & Meeting Coordinator
FRIED WILSON     ext. 110   • ( Email )

Finance Manager
DAVID SUAREZ   ext. 107 • ( Email )


synod officers

Moderator—Elder Jo Smith

Stated Clerk: Elder Doska Ross

Vice-Mod.—Rev. Kristin Leucht

Treas.—Elder I. Daniel Lee

Moderator of CoA— Elder Jim Stueck

Scholarship and Funding Opportunities

      REPL Coordinator:
      Rev. Leon E. Fanniel
      Phone 213.483-384, ext. 104          Email       Website

The Mission of REPL is to encourage racial ethnic persons to consider church vocations, with particular emphasis on pastoral ministry in racial ethnic congregations.To assist those who are studying for such vocations, a limited amount of scholarship money is available and is awarded each spring. Applications are now being accepted; the 2014 deadline is May 16.

1.PDF All applicants need the 2014 Information Page.
2. The application form is in two parts: Applicant Information (parts I-III) and the Recommendation Form which the applicant will forward to the Session or Presbytery to complete. Both are available either as an Online Fill-in (MS Word) or   an Offline (PDF) version.

PDF Parts I-III Applicant (Online)
PDF Part IV Recommendation (Online)

PDF Parts I-III Applicant (Offline)
PDF Part IV Recommendation (Offfline)




grants & funding

Please download the Grant and Funding Information brochure to learn about funds available to congregations and presbyteries through the Synod.   Funds are also available through the Mission Grants program at PC (U.S.A.) Their 2014 deadlines are included in the information brochure or as a stand-alone deadlines page. There is also a Ministry Projects document that lists ministry programs and projects that will be funded from various Synod sources. These were approved at the March 2014 Synod Assembly; information about them is also in the current Doska's Corner.

Synod Grant 2014: Youth Ministry Coaching Program

At the March Synod Assembly five proposed ministry programs were approved for funding. One program has information to share now:
      A cohort of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program is one of the programs to be funded through the Synod's ministry proects program. Thanks to the synod's support, this transformative opportunity will be more affordable than usual; the $3000 registration fee has been lowered to $500 per person. There will be 10 spots in the cohort, and priority will be given to those who apply before April 30th.
      Information and application forms:
Youth Ministry Coaching Program
      Please share this information throughout your presbytery and congregations of this synod.

Sponsor: San Gabriel Presbytery through Claremont Presbyterian Church


Synod Life

committees of the synod

Active during this time of discernment and experimentation:
• Synod Permanent Judicial Committion (PJC)

• Committee on Representation and Nominations (CR&N);

• Racial Ethnic Pastoral Leadership Committee (REPL);

• Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee (JPIC)

upcoming events in the SYNOD


Annual Spring Gathering
(a breakfast meeting)
May 17; Los Alamitos
PDF   Presbyterian Men Spring 2014 Gathering

UPCOMING EVENTS within the wider church family

221 general assembly

Dates: June 14 – 21 2014
Place: Detroit, Michigan

Triennial Assembly of Hispanos Latinos Presbyterian Men

October 24-26, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Theme: “Re-created for…” ( II Corinthian 17:5 and 19-20)
PDF Information flyer and registration

Dubuque University Seminary Online summer courses

   • Worship in the Reformed Tradition
   • Presbyterian History and Confessions
   • Polity and Program of the Presbyterian Church
Cost for the course is $640 per credit hour
Registration deadline is May 31st, 2014
 Classes begin June 2nd  and end August 29th. Please visit our web site to fill out an application and registration form